How to order hidden products on Aliexpress

Unlike this guide, here we will analyze the different ways of ordering, because different sellers may have different codes when ordering.

So, if we see an entry like this:

Hidden order aliexpress

Order hidden product

Hidden order aliexpress

What does this mean?

Send is literally send, the phrase is not a code, this is an action)

SA3612 is the product code

Size – size

Initially, the code consists of the following mask: hypeallie + product code + size
or from a simple code – “hypeallie”, “NATA” and others)

hypeallie is our store code

Sometimes you come across products where you need to write the seller’s code + product code + number + size.
Either some of this

Now let’s look at what the product looks like when we click on the link bit ly

Ordinary T-shirt, as we used to see in hidden goods, click buy now.

What should you write to the seller in the end?

In the leave a message field we write: “hypeallie” + SA3612 + size, for example 41 size then the code will look like this – “hypeallie” + SA3612 + 41

If we see such a watch: then the main code here is 2030 and also an additional digit of watch models from 1 to 6, then if we need a blue watch we write – “hypeallie” + 2020 + 05
where, hypeallie is the group code, 2020 is the watch code, 05 and 06 is the model code.

GshockGshock watches

Next, select your delivery address and payment method, just like in a regular order.

We pay and wait for the parcel with aliexpress.

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Do not forget to confirm the arrival of the goods. We will receive gratitude in the form of cashback and understand that we did our best)