BlackFriday 2020 Guide

Remembering the useful tricks of AliExpress.

How to buy an item in the 1st second of a sale?

This is extremely necessary if you want to use a particularly profitable promotional code or buy a product with a good discount for a special. coupons (after all, in branded electronics stores, the limit of discounts on special coupons ends in a few seconds).

Instructions on how to buy a product in the first seconds of the sale:

The sale starts at 11:00 on November 23, which means that all the preparatory work needs to be done before that time.

We select and put the necessary goods in the basket in advance. We also take all the necessary coupons in advance (seller coupons / special coupons / Ali coupons). If you plan to use a promotional code, then copy it to the clipboard in advance, so that you only need to paste it.

2. If you have several delivery addresses in your account, then the desired address must be made the default address (done in the settings), so that when placing an order you do not waste time choosing the desired address. If you only have 1 address, then you don’t need to do anything.

3. A few minutes before the start of the sale, go to the shopping cart (https://bit.ly/2IZWkib), select the desired products and press the «Buy» button, thereby going to the checkout page.

4. We are waiting for the start of the sale and at exactly 11:00 we update the page (you can press the F5 button for this). After that, the price of the product will decrease, and all coupons that are valid during the sale will be applied automatically. You will have to enter the promo code yourself (it must be copied in advance).

5. All you have to do is quickly select *** payment method and click on the «Place an order» button.

*** Explanation. The payment method can also be selected automatically if you previously paid for orders in the same currency. That is, for example, if you previously paid for goods in dollars through Web money, then when placing an order in dollars, Ali will automatically select Web money for you as a default payment. In our situation, this will be useful, since will help you save a little time.

Thus, if everything is done correctly, it will take 1-2 seconds to place an order.

What is AliExpress promo codes salting and why?

All promotional codes are issued in limited quantities and the «fattest» ones can run out in a few minutes. And using the «salting» method, you can save the promo code to your account and use it later.

Instructions for use:

1. We take any product that fits the conditions for using the promotional code.

2. Go to checkout, apply the promo code and choose WebMoney or Yandex money as a payment method.

4. Next, click «Place an order» and when you are transferred to the payment page, we do not pay for anything, but simply close the window.

5. Go to the «My Orders» page (https://bit.ly/3kNA48g) and cancel the order. DONE! Now the promo code is assigned to your account until the end of its validity period and you don’t have to worry that they will be taken apart.

Council. Particularly «fat» promotional codes live for several minutes, so at the very beginning of the sale it is better to immediately «salt» all the promotional codes you potentially need.

How to apply a coupon with a higher value than the price of the product?

To apply a coupon (or promotional code) to a product whose cost is less than what is needed to apply a coupon / promotional code, you need to use the so-called «add-on».

«Add-on» is another product that is added to the order in order to get the required amount so that the coupon / promotional code can be applied. PLEASE NOTE that this product must be NOT from the same store as the product you need.

Instructions for use:

1. Add the desired product (or several products) to the cart.

2. Add «add-on» to the cart.

3. Go to checkout, apply a coupon / promotional code and choose WebMoney or Yandex Money as a payment method.

4. Next, click «Place an order» and when you are transferred to the payment page, we do not pay for anything, but simply close the window.

5. Go to the «My Orders» page (https://bit.ly/2US9eBc). There we find unpaid goods. We pay for the goods you need, and we cancel the «add-on» order.

The discount from the coupon / promo code is distributed in proportion to the value of the goods. Those. for example, we have a coupon of $ 20/100 and we apply it to an order worth $ 90 and a $ 10 «add-on», then after applying this method the main product will already cost $ 72 ($ 80 -18 coupon), and the «add-on» 8 $ (10 $ -2 $ coupon).

AliExpress. Tomorrow (November 23) at 11:00 GMT, the Black Friday Sale begins! https://bit.ly/337Bi8k

PROMO CODES for sale (https://bit.ly/2Ht8WOi)

(Promo codes for the Russian Federation and the CIS, except for Ukraine)

Discount 300/4000 rub. KLASS300

Discount 500/5500 rub. SOBLACK500

Discount 1000/12000 rubles. BFRIDAY1000

Discount 1500/18000 rub. LUCKY1500

Discount 2000/22000 rubles. FREDDY2000

Discount 3000/36000 rub. NOTWHITE3000

Discount 3500/45000 rub. BLACK3500

Discount 5000/60000 rub. TILUCHSHIY5000

PROMO CODES NOT for CIS (https://bit.ly/3lWGGT3)

(Promo codes NOT for the CIS, i.e. for Ukraine, Europe and the USA)

$ 7 off for orders over $ 50 ALIEXPRESSBF7

$ 8 off on orders over $ 80 2020FRIDAY

$ 9 off on orders over $ 90 ALIEXPRESSBF9

Discount $ 1

2 for orders over $ 110 ALIEXPRESSBF12

PROMO CODES that already work

Promotional codes for a discount of 300/2400 rubles.







Promo codes for a discount of 200/1600 rubles.







Promo codes for a discount of 350/2800 rubles.







Promotional code for a discount of 125/1000 rubles. 82779BLACK

PROMO CODES for new buyers

Discount 250/500 rub. for RF and CIS ali725

$ 4/5 discount for Ukraine and Europe aliex661

COUPONS (not given to everyone):

Coupon 100/150 rub. https://bit.ly/3pQO1G1

Coupon 250/300 rub. https://bit.ly/2HuQ69y

Coupon150/300 rub. https://bit.ly/3kOf1Cs

Specialist. coupons https://bit.ly/2Ho5tjS

Sale Pages:

Home https://bit.ly/3fkkuzU

Bestsellers (Last Minute Products) https://bit.ly/2UNdKRp

Lowest price in 30 days https://bit.ly/3kUeZJk

Coupon Center https://bit.ly/35SQjfQ (merchants coupons are collected here)

Goods for special coupons https://bit.ly/2J4SXWQ

Games and promotions

In the game «Puzzle Game» https://bit.ly/3lTwomR you can get coupons 100/1000 rubles. and 500/2000 rubles. Coupon 100/1000 rub. give immediately upon entering the game, and the coupon is 500/2000 rubles. for completing 5 tasks.

We celebrate 7 days in a row and receive a coupon of 300/800 rubles. https://bit.ly/3pOEFdX

We celebrate 5 days in a row on the «Superbrands» page https://bit.ly/3lWH3wV and get a coupon of 750/6200 rubles (10/80 $). The promotion is available only in the application.

MINI-application Aliexpress in Vkontakte

You can get into the mini-application by following the link if you open it from your phone https://bit.ly/2URMt0u?cv=home or find it in the list of applications in VK.

Aliboxes with prizes are again available in the mini-application.

Also, upon entering it, you can get a coupon of 300/2400 rubles.

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