How to buy cheaper from Aliexpress

How to buy cheaper from Aliexpress, Allegro, PysznePL and hundreds of others‼ ️
You can also make money on it, but most of all you can save on everyday shopping 🙂
It costs you nothing and you can only benefit from it!

Below, I explain how it all works.

Cashback is a program that will return you part of your purchases from thousands of different stores. The program is completely free. We have a history of prices on Aliexpress auctions in the plugin.
1. Register
2. Confirm your e-mail so that everything works.
3. Make purchases and get a refund.
4. If you order on the phone, install the application from the page above, if it is a browser plug-in on your computer
More specific:
Cashback is a program that returns us – buyers part of the funds for our purchases, the percentage of return depends on the store, the application we use returns 5% from AliExpress! If you make purchases for PLN 100, PLN 5 will be returned to your account in the application.
After receiving a refund of PLN 40, we can withdraw the funds from the application to the bank account. The application we use has 2,800 stores in its database. We can get a refund for purchases on Aliexpress, Allegro, eObuwie, Booking, or even by ordering food
In addition, we often receive messages from the website with discount codes or promotions, which additionally allows us to save even more!
In order to use the return correctly, please

1. Register for the CashBack App via this link
2. Activate your account by confirming your email address‼ ️
3. Download the application / plug-in
4. Done! Now you only select an in-app store and get cash for every purchase! (Instructions in the video in the comment) The cash register will appear on your account after a few hours.
5. After collecting PLN 40, you can withdraw funds to your account.
You can also generate a link and send it to your friends, if they buy something on your recommendation, you will get cashback.
How much will you save in total?
It all depends on what you buy and from what store. Each store gives a different% return. For example, Aliexpress from 6.5% to 3% depending on the product category.
If you shop on your phone more often, download the app on the phone. If you order more often on your computer, download the browser plug. It’s best to choose both options
In the browser plug, we have the option to check the price history at Aliexpress auctions. It is worth checking if the promotion is really a promotion

Cashback works for hidden links too, now your can buy products cheaper from aliexpress!